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Mike Day

Human Life and Dignity Office Director

May Oliver

Pastoral Care Coordinator/Divorced and Separated Ministry

Beverly DeNucci

Administrative Assistant



From its earliest days, the Center  for Life (now known as the Diocesan Center for Family Life) has recognized the  importance of protecting life and strengthening the family.

In a June 29, 1976 letter requesting  the founding of the Center, Sr. Catherine Norton, Administrator of St. Vincent’s  Medical Center, wrote to Most Rev. Paul Tanner, Bishop of St. Augustine, “…there is nothing more important in my opinion than  working toward strengthening of the family unit and providing to our people  alternatives to the social problems imposed upon them by today’s society.”

On January 18, 1977, the Center for Life was dedicated as a collaborative effort between  St. Vincent’s Medical Center and the Diocese of St. Augustine.  Nancy Fisher, R.N., became the first Director of the Center and Fr. Daniel Cody became the Spiritual Director.

The dedication included the planting  of a live oak tree, “symbolic of the Center for Life philosophy.  From the nurtured seed sprout deep roots and spreading branches.  A strong foundation facilitates continuing growth.  So it is with human life.  Given its deserved care, protection and respect, this greatest of God’s gifts  can grow into what He intended when He gave it to us.”  – Center for Life  Dedication, Jan 18, 1977

In a January 11, 2007 letter, Stephen  Patton, the Director of the Diocesan Center at the time, wrote to Sr. Catherine Norton, “It is my honor to let you know that the sapling you planted 30 years ago has, literally  and figuratively, grown and prospered.”

Today the Diocesan Center for Family Life continues to spread its roots to all segments of the community, providing  many programs which support life and the family.

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