Through the Diocesan Center for Family Life, counselors, ethicists and physicians are available to help infertile couples both in individual settings and group workshops. The goal is not only to help the infertile couple understand what the Catholic Church teaches in this area and also to show the variety of available, ethical treatments.

For more information, contact the Diocesan Center for Family Life at (904) 551-2619


Hannah’s Heart

Hannah’s Heart is a Catholic support group offering emotional and spiritual support, friendship, and education about Church teaching and options for treatment to women (and their families) suffering from infertility and miscarriage. While most of our members are of the Catholic faith, we are happy to welcome non-Catholic members who are pursuing treatment in line with the teachings of the Church.

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The Infertility Companion for Catholics

The Infertility Companion for Catholics by Angelique Ruhi-López and Carmen Santamaría presents a variety of spiritual resources including prayers, devotions, and the wisdom of the saints and provides suggestions for further reading of reference materials, Catholic documents, and Catholic blogs about infertility.

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